How To Place An Order

In order to buy from us:

Simply put...
  1. You must be a reseller with a valid & related business license
  2. Create a "New Account" (click here)
  3. Apply for "Wholesale Access" (click here)
  4. Email of Fax a copy of your State Resell Certificate to us (click here
  5. Once approved, click on "My Account" to login & conveniently place your orders online
In more details...
We sell to the "Trade Only". In order to access ordering, you must first register and apply for access. Once we receive the necessary requested documents and your business is verified, we send you an email notification of your approval. Upon login, you will be able to see pricing and order from us. 
As you navigate this website, you can click "Add To Cart" and add different items to your shopping cart, with or without the intention of buying them. Once you have everything in your shopping cart, go through the items picked and adjust quantities. Click on "Recalculate" and you should be ready to check out.
You can proceed and click on the "Checkout" button. You will then be asked to provide your "Billing" and "Shipping" information, confirm your entire order, choose your preferred method of payment and then submit your order. Shortly after completing your order you will receive an automated order confirmation by email. This will list the quantity of each item ordered, total purchase amount and address where the order will be shipped.
If there are any mistakes in this confirmation please email us right away from the "Contact Us" page. We will correct this information before the order is shipped.